Alibaba wants to change the way we shop for fresh food off and online

Here comes Hema Market (盒马集市) Despite its US $ 150 Million investment Alibaba has been quite low-key running the Hema Markets chain… Hema Market (盒马集市) is a rather premium, fresh offline chain here in Shanghai that refuses to label itself as a “supermarket” but rather as an “e-commerce experience store”. Hema Market is like an […]

Decathlon puts an end to all the phygital fantasies

  Are they an enduring innovation or a temporarily trendy idea? Do they benefit customers or are they just another technological gadget? Each month, Bruno Auret, an expert on digital commerce and the founder and CEO of Blackwood Digital, takes a critical look at digital innovation in retail.   There has been much talk about the […]

Altavia Group develops in the Netherlands with the acquisition of Sumis Company

  Altavia strengthens the group’s services in Print Management and Marketing Services and acquires Sumis Company in the Netherlands. This acquisition is part of the Altavia’s strategic plan , the MOVE2020 (Make Our Vision Effective), one of the objectives of which is to pursue growth dynamic and strengthen the group’s sales communication offerings.   By taking […]

European sustainable development week : the 17 goals of this year’s edition.

  The European Sustainable Development Week takes place from May 30th to June 5th. What’s the goal ? Facilitate individual forms of mobilization, individual and collective, in order to promote sustainable development and raise awareness of its issues. For this 2017 edition, the 17 sustainable development goals set by the United Nations in 2015 are in the […]

[CHINA] The dazzling success of mobile payment

  In China, technological advances in mobile payment have developed hugely in only five years. Electronic wallets are quick, secure and free to use, and today 450 million people in China are taking advantage. Wallets are an excellent way for brands and labels to find out everything (or nearly everything!) about their clients’ habits and […]

S-Commerce: The return of the local shop.

  Ask around you, the major difference between stores and shops is the relationship between consumers and sellers. The brands have invested social networks to provide advice and recommendations, while working at the point of sale to streamline the purchasing process and personalize the experience through customer knowledge.   However, despite their efforts and, except […]

#SDN2017: the Agence du Don en Nature presents the shared basket

In celebration of the “Semaine du Don en Nature” (Goods to Give Week), the Agence du Don en Nature hosted a debate on the topic of generosity. The association also spoke about its operations from the previous year, its upcoming projects to help those most in need, and its 2016 annual report, which was written and produced […]

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