YongHui Fresh

YongHui Fresh is taking on Hema (Alibaba) and Bingobox and goes even one step further…

This lunch I discovered close by my office the newly opened YongHui Fresh (from the YongHui supermarkets chain which used to be quite well known among retail professionals as a good benchmark when it comes to fresh products)…   Now we all know Hema Fresh supermarkets bought by Alibaba… Well… YH Fresh went one step […]

Collective intelligence – When the employee takes on responsibility for the business

The Belgian BU Altavia ACT*  is unique. What is special about it? An innovative management based on collective intelligence. From the initial motivation to the business impact, Anne-Catherine Trinon, CEO of the Brussels agency, tells us all about this management model which is gaining more and more momentum. But first of all, what is collective intelligence? It […]

The French and responsible consumption

We’ve been living on credit since Wednesday 2 August. According to calculations by the Global Footprint Network NGO, this was “Earth Overshoot Day” for 2017: the date by which mankind had consumed as many natural resources as the planet can renew in an entire year. The French people are increasingly aware of the ecological emergency […]

QR codes, big data, facial recognition, data sharing, user predictive behavior assessment to fuel the young car-sharing economy in China.

Like anything else in China, local companies are not afraid of getting into a massive fight with the same idea in order to get market share; not afraid at all to share the cake. As a result, exactly the same way we saw dozens of bike-sharing companies budding for the last year, more than 30 […]

Offline stores in China are all but not dead…

As rightly written in China daily recently, not only Alibaba but also its main competitor, JD.com are going full steam in opening physical stores in China. Both of them do not just open stores like classic / old fashion offline retailers… they leverage on the online data they have accumulated and turn their physical stores […]

Alibaba wants to change the way we shop for fresh food off and online

Here comes Hema Market (盒马集市) Despite its US $ 150 Million investment Alibaba has been quite low-key running the Hema Markets chain… Hema Market (盒马集市) is a rather premium, fresh offline chain here in Shanghai that refuses to label itself as a “supermarket” but rather as an “e-commerce experience store”. Hema Market is like an […]

Decathlon puts an end to all the phygital fantasies

  Are they an enduring innovation or a temporarily trendy idea? Do they benefit customers or are they just another technological gadget? Each month, Bruno Auret, an expert on digital commerce and the founder and CEO of Blackwood Digital, takes a critical look at digital innovation in retail.   There has been much talk about the […]

Altavia Group develops in the Netherlands with the acquisition of Sumis Company

  Altavia strengthens the group’s services in Print Management and Marketing Services and acquires Sumis Company in the Netherlands. This acquisition is part of the Altavia’s strategic plan , the MOVE2020 (Make Our Vision Effective), one of the objectives of which is to pursue growth dynamic and strengthen the group’s sales communication offerings.   By taking […]

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