Innovation is credibility, innovation is magnetic.

  Innovation is at the heart of business today. From Uniqlo to Jimmy Fairly, companies are innovating in terms of their products, business models and services in order to attract and satisfy increasingly demanding customers navigating a commercial ecosystem that is constantly flooded with new offerings. As a result, brands are forced to innovate in […]

The requirement to standardise the design implementation process

Standardisation, systematisation, unification, normalisation… These terms all refer to the need, when talking about the same subject, to establish a common framework. This is essential when it comes to colour. Interview with Hervé Lyaudet, colorimetry and workflow manager at Altavia Paris. Why is standardisation of colour so important? The perception of colour is a physical […]

“Successful retail is that which enables the client to be successful”, by Raphaël Palti

For a long time, I have been convinced that retailers have everything to gain from supporting their clients to better serve them. Today I’m even more convinced, now that new technologies allow the customer, who was formerly a mere consumer, to have full control over their purchases. “Customer is king”: every retailer has spoken these […]

How does technology allow consumers wanting to eat organic to bypass supermarkets?

  Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding when it comes to food. According to the ANIA (French National Food Industry Federation)/Opinion Way Barometer 2015, food expenses are where French people least want to cut corners. They are also paying more attention to the quality of what they eat: ingredients and nutritional value went up 18 and […]

YongHui Fresh

YongHui Fresh is taking on Hema (Alibaba) and Bingobox and goes even one step further…

This lunch I discovered close by my office the newly opened YongHui Fresh (from the YongHui supermarkets chain which used to be quite well known among retail professionals as a good benchmark when it comes to fresh products)…   Now we all know Hema Fresh supermarkets bought by Alibaba… Well… YH Fresh went one step […]

Collective intelligence – When the employee takes on responsibility for the business

The Belgian BU Altavia ACT*  is unique. What is special about it? An innovative management based on collective intelligence. From the initial motivation to the business impact, Anne-Catherine Trinon, CEO of the Brussels agency, tells us all about this management model which is gaining more and more momentum. But first of all, what is collective intelligence? It […]

The French and responsible consumption

We’ve been living on credit since Wednesday 2 August. According to calculations by the Global Footprint Network NGO, this was “Earth Overshoot Day” for 2017: the date by which mankind had consumed as many natural resources as the planet can renew in an entire year. The French people are increasingly aware of the ecological emergency […]

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