Bank creates community innovation cafés

(Author : springwise)Capital One Cafes offer banking experiences and educational events alongside fresh coffee and co-working spaces, encouraging community-based innovation. Many banking innovations we’ve seen recently have focused on making services available more often and at greater convenience to users, such as video teller machines or a social media chatbot that enables all bills to be […]


Swedish Supermarket Offers ‘Climavore-Friendly’ Recipes

(Author : stylus)Swedish supermarket chain ICA is now enabling consumers to make sustainable choices via its new climate-guided recipe initiative. The move validates our prediction of an uptick in ‘climavore’ living – where individuals eat according to the unpredictable rhythms of climate change and agricultural spontaneity. Shoppers can now access a climate guide for select recipes […]


Shanghai’s Newest Starbucks Has A Radically Different Look

(Author : Sara Roncero-Menendez)The Puxi City location of the coffee brewing company takes on a new form with walls of windows and a rooftop terrace Most chains strive to have a signature look so that customers can recognize the brand even when abroad. Starbucks tends to have locations that play with new designs and layouts, […]


Pro:Direct’s digitally-enabled London store

(Author : Cate Trotter)Once an online pure-play, but now with a tech-heavy showcase shop just off London’s Carnaby Street, Pro:Direct is reimagining retailing. Cate Trotter, head of trends at Insider Trends, takes a closer look at the store. Until late 2014, Pro:Direct was an online-only retailer. So when the world’s largest online soccer store decided to […]


Walgreens to ship online orders to stores

(Author : Deena M. Amato-Mccoy)Walgreens has joined the ranks of retailers working to get merchandise ordered online into customers’ hands faster.  The drugstore chain has launched a ship-to-store program that offers free shipping to a Walgreens or Duane Reade store for orders made on the chain’s website and mobile app. No minimum purchase is required. […]


Multimedia retailer Boulanger is upgrading its concept in Paris

(Author : Stéphane Keulian) Boulanger is expanding in downtown Paris. Up until now, Boulanger stores were located in retail parks and shopping malls only. As a discounter, Boulanger business model could not put up with both high rents and operationg costs. But the time has changed and, in 2016, Boulanger has reinvented itself in order to serve high-demanding Parisian customers closer to […]


VR lets beauty product shoppers pick ingredients

(Author : springwise)South Korean beauty brand Innisfree uses virtual reality to take consumers on the Jeju Flying Bike experience to collect its products’ natural ingredients. South Korean beauty brand Innisfree used virtual reality (VR) to solve the question of how to take customers on the same journey taken by the brand. Powered by in-store bicycles, customers […]


Casper launches physical pop-up store in London

(Author : Caroline Baldwin)Casper has launched its first physical UK store in London’s Convent garden. The pop-up which will be open every day until December encourages customers to pass by or book a “snooze session” for power nap to test out its offering of mattresses, sheets and pillows. The Casper House features “cosy private rooms for […]


Kohl’s rolls out its own mobile payments platform, Kohl’s Pay

(Author : Sarah Perez)Larger retailers are beginning to offer their own alternatives to emerging mobile payment systems, like Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay. Today the latest to launch its own, independent mobile payments platform is department store chain Kohl’s, which has now integrated “Kohl’s Pay” along with its loyalty and rewards programs into the company’s mobile app. […]


Walgreens enhances loyalty program with new beauty club

(Author : Michael Johnson)Walgreens on Tuesday enticed its shoppers with a new loyalty program tied to its beauty department with the launch of Beauty Enthusiast, a beauty club within its Balance Rewards loyalty program. Cardholders who register for Beauty Enthusiast gain additional rewards on beauty and personal care items, as well as other benefits. “Walgreens […]

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