Innovation is credibility, innovation is magnetic.

  Innovation is at the heart of business today. From Uniqlo to Jimmy Fairly, companies are innovating in terms of their products, business models and services in order to attract and satisfy increasingly demanding customers navigating a commercial ecosystem that is constantly flooded with new offerings. As a result, brands are forced to innovate in […]

The requirement to standardise the design implementation process

Standardisation, systematisation, unification, normalisation… These terms all refer to the need, when talking about the same subject, to establish a common framework. This is essential when it comes to colour. Interview with Hervé Lyaudet, colorimetry and workflow manager at Altavia Paris. Why is standardisation of colour so important? The perception of colour is a physical […]

“Successful retail is that which enables the client to be successful”, by Raphaël Palti

For a long time, I have been convinced that retailers have everything to gain from supporting their clients to better serve them. Today I’m even more convinced, now that new technologies allow the customer, who was formerly a mere consumer, to have full control over their purchases. “Customer is king”: every retailer has spoken these […]