Altavia Japan becomes a partner of Fogra

Altavia Japan becomes a partner of Fogra

Altavia Japan becomes a partner of Fogra 1622 1157 Altavia

Since January, Altavia Japan has been a PSO certification partner of Fogra, a Germany-based media technology research institute.

ProcessStandard Offset (PSO)

PSO is a guide to creating optimal, stable and reliable print products in accordance with the international ISO 12647 standard series.


PSO was developed and brought to international standardization by Fogra in cooperation with the German Printing and Media Industries Federation (bvdm). It describes an industrially-oriented and standardized approach to manufacturing print products, from data collection to final print product.


The complex production process is streamlined to be as efficient as possible and simultaneously guarantees high and predictable colour quality. This is achieved through clearly defined interfaces with feasible aim values and tolerances.


Goals of working with PSO

  • High quality standard
  • Economical and ecological production
  • Production safety
  • Fewer complaints and happy customers



Certification according to PSO (ISO 12647)

Externally, a certification according to PSO (ISO 12647) provides proof of the quality of which a print shop is capable. Internally, it guarantees that everything has been done right.


The certification of print shops according to PSO (ISO 12647) was established by the originators of PSO, Fogra and bvdm, almost 15 years ago. Since then, contents and certification procedures are regularly verified, optimized and adjusted to current international rules.


Fogra and bvdm support each other as co-certifier during the evaluation phase. This four-eyes principle guarantees reliable results and recognition of the PSO certificate worldwide. Today, there are approximately 250 certified printing companies in more than 20 countries.


Benefits of PSO certification

  • Demonstration of quality to the outside world
  • Digital seal of approval
  • Listed as a certified company at
  • Ability to meet the demands of quality conscious clients


Benefits of certification by Fogra/bvdm

  • Fogra and bvdm are the creators of PSO
  • Neutral certification by independent organizations
  • Four-eyes principle for reliable results
  • Broad international acceptance



PSO certification partners

PSO certification partners provide onsite support for certification outside of Germany.


In order to cope with the strong international demand for certification according to PSO (ISO 12647), Fogra runs a partner programme in non-German-speaking countries, allowing qualified specialists to help print shops obtain this valuable certificate and to carry out the necessary assessments on site.


Print shops interested in PSO certification can contact our partners directly. The partners carry out the certification procedure on site, while Fogra and bvdm conduct the subsequent evaluation and issue the certificate.