News of the week: ‘The little IKEA room’ at Le Point Virgule


This is the first time that a major retailer and an iconic theatre have joined forces to launch a theatrical initiative by calling for applications for a stand-up show production – an amazing project capitalising on a number of underlying societal and commercial trends.

The unprecedented initiative sees IKEA and Le Point Virgule teaming up to launch the first call for applications for the production of a stand-up show, giving budding comedians 15 days in which to post a video sketch via the dedicated platform of no more than 3 minutes and based on a lack of space.


“If your bed is also your sofa, and your desk is your dining table…

If you have to think twice before opening a drawer

for fear of not being able to close it again…

If your shoe collection is spilling out onto the balcony…

And especially if you think it’s better to laugh about the whole situation…

Come along to the little IKEA room – the first stand-up

comedy performance making fun of the storage issues and lack of space that we experience on a daily basis”. 


The talents selected by the panel, made up of two comedy professionals; Titoff and the Artistic Director of Le Point Virgule Antoinette Colin, will take to stage at the legendary venue on 5th, 6th and 7th March before going on tour to Lille, Marseille and Lyon.



An amazingly offbeat initiative based on a number of underlying trends

This is the first time that a retailer and a theatre have joined forces for such a project, working to bring us an innovative initiative that has capitalised upon a series of underlying trends, starting with the need to relax and let go of the pressures of everyday life that many people experience, and there’s certainly nothing like laughter to help you achieve this! Then, of course, there is the appetite for peer-to-peer interaction and discussion based on common issues – in this case, lack of space. Everyone can relate to this sort of comical situation and find comfort in the fact that they’re not the only ones experiencing such problems!


This project also highlights one of the major trends in retail today, namely no longer being content with just selling products in a store but rather moving into other spheres where the brand can share its ethos and its values, tell the stories that have inspired its products and offer its customers an immersive and emotive experience.


The communicational model is based on the trend for user-generated content that places the emphasis on viral marketing.


A well thought-through and well executed initiative that has come at a strategic moment, in a post-strike context in which it is important to encourage Parisians back into the city’s theatres again.


Analysis by Laure Barillon, Director of Strategy and Consultation at Altavia Nativ