Plant Forest, Plant – Kamikaze helped plant 500 trees that will offset 40 tonnes of carbon dioxide


Last Friday, employees of the Kamikaze agency became volunteers and helped the Aeris Futuro Foundation to plant 500 trees at the “Valley of Mists” homestead in Gapinin (Lódź Voivodeship).


Before Christmas Kamikaze sent out a game to its clients and business partners, in which they could save Christmas trees. The agency then promised that the trees collected virtually would be planted in a completely “non-virtual” way. And that is exactly what happened last Friday! Kamikaze team volunteered to help the Aeris Futuro Foundation plant 500 trees (hornbeams, lime trees and ash trees) in Valley of Mists in Gapinin. 


We strive to implement activities that build environmental awareness and we have promised ourselves and our clients that we will make every effort to run our business in a sustainable way. We count the carbon footprint we leave behind. We carry out CO2 offsetting activities (planting trees is one of them) and soon we will be a carbon neutral agency! We are also in the EcoVadis certification process, which is awarded to socially responsible companies. Taking care of the planet is our priority and we hope to infect others with that idea – says Michał Ryszkiewicz, managing partner at Kamikaze agency.


The trees were planted in an extraordinary place. The Valley of Mists is a permaculture homestead located in Gapinin, in the Łódź Voivodeship. It is a farm where nature works on its own without any “mechanical input”. The Valley of Mists farmers try to make the habitat self-sufficient in terms of food, but also in terms of energy, based on an infrastructure that relies on renewable energy sources and natural materials. Such a homestead develops at its own pace, resulting in a large and healthy crop in the long term.


– Why so late? You do not plant in June! – everyone knows that. Of course, this is right, and such planting is very unusual. What is even more unusual, however, is the place where we plant, which ensures that the seedlings are well looked after, watered, set in fertile soil, and mulched to bind moisture. The day after the planting came an all-night downpour so I am reasonably reassured about the coming weeks of the planted trees. The campaign itself is also valuable in terms of creating awareness in the community. I am convinced that the volunteers gained a lot of knowledge after these actions and they will pass it on’, says Marek Piątkowski, President of the Aeris Futuro Foundation. 


The planted trees will offset around 40 tonnes of carbon dioxide in the future, as well as enrich the environment by improving water relations in the area, protecting it from wind and rapid evaporation. Kamikaze assures that this is not a one-off action, certainly in the future we should expect further pro-environmental activities with the participation of the agency.