#UCO – La Pelucherie



Once upon a time, there were two little girls who decided to revive the cult brand their grandmother had created in 1976. Much to the delight of both young and old alike, La Pelucherie is once again offering high-quality cuddly toys and has adapted its communications and distribution system to reflect modern times.


Those who knew it will undoubtedly remember it. Created in 1976, the La Pelucherie brand put a smile on the faces of many children over the course of nearly 30 years; a true institution, and one with an international reputation, its store on the Champs Elysées was the stuff of dreams for young and old alike.


Ten years after the legendary store closed, La Pelucherie is being brought back to life by its founder’s granddaughters, Natacha Benarous and Alexandra Rapaport. 


Where ‘old-fashioned’ toys take pride of place

It was back in 2016 that Natacha Benarous and Alexandra Rapaport decided to relaunch the brand’s artisan production in expert Italian workshops, each cuddly toy being unique, hand-stitched and made of high-quality materials. A high-end positioning, then, for a strong brand that manages to set itself apart from the competition at a time when the toy market finds itself crippled beneath the weight of the Chinese offering. After all, how could you not be delighted to receive a cuddly toy that you can hug and caress in an increasingly digitalised world that is certainly making its mark on the toy industry? Natacha Benarous and Alexandra Rapaport have managed to find a new special place for ‘old-fashioned’ toys that trigger certain emotions for young and old alike. 


New-generation communications

Despite stocking various products that are still manufactured by very traditional means, the brand’s communications have been redesigned in an attempt to rebuild a strong connection with its customers. La Pelucherie has a very strong presence on social networks, with daily posts and stories on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., not to mention the newsletters it sends out. The new generation of cuddly toys have been given names like Hector the Shar Pei, Rosalie the turtle, Alfred the hedgehog, Marcel the monkey and Balthazar the crocodile that the brand came up with thanks to the help of its community of Instagram followers. The cheerily complicit #jaimelespeluchesetalors hashtag has also been created to allow fans to express their passion for these soft animals, regardless of their age! The start-up spirit of La Pelucherie, meanwhile, is enabling the brand to form close ties with its customers, with Natacha and Alexandra preparing and dispatching orders themselves via La Poste, complete with cute little handwritten note –


all part of the brand’s well thought through communications plan for regaining market share and rekindling tangible links with customers large and small.


A revamped distribution system

La Pelucherie is now focusing its distribution around its website, which generates 30% of its turnover, large chains and pop-up stores, whilst a number of prestigious clients such as Le Plazza-Athénée and Hôtel Crillon have also ordered custom-made pieces. The company’s turnover is divided fairly equally between B2B and B2C sales, 

with international distribution also now playing an increasingly important role, starting with its conquest of the Irish and Swiss markets.


A beautiful renaissance for an iconic brand that has been brought right up to date whilst still remaining true to itself.


By Thierry Strickler, Market Intelligence Lead