Junior Project Manager & Digital Innovation Manager




The intern will join the Altavia Lab team at Altavia Italia. They will focus on cooperating and supporting the implementation and development of analysis, experimentation and innovation in the multi-channel retail world, to understand industry trends and changes in customer behaviour.

The ideal candidate is highly motivated and intellectually curious, interested in marketing, communication, media, innovation and new technology.


  • Must be a recently graduated, or currently pursuing an advanced degree or PHD, in Management engineering, Tech engineering.
  • Engaged in extracurricular activities that demonstrate broad intellectual curiosity and creativity.
  • Interested in the field of advertising, marketing and communication.
  • Hacking the digital meanings, understanding present and future implication of the digital transformation in the business.
  • Knowledge and proficiency using social media platforms and tools.
  • A can-do, detail-oriented person who is unstoppable in their pursuit of learning the business.
  • A strong work ethic that includes a “get the job done” attitude.
  • Effective planning, organization and time management skills and analysis/assessment capabilities.
  • Desire to learn efficiency methodologies.
  • Maintain a positive attitude, be collaborative, a team player.
  • Knowledge or curiosity in BI, AI, Big Data, IoT.
  • Experience on UI&UX design it’s a plus, also basic skill in front end coding.
  • Experience using Office Pack – Excel, Power Point, Word – is mandatory.
  • Experience using Adobe design programs – Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign – is a plus.
  • English is mandatory, French is a plus.



Position objectives

  • Acquire complex project management methodologies, respecting objectives, time and budget.
  • Understanding and mastering tools, languages and methodologies of the digital components of retail communication.
  • Conduct research and structured analysis on global trends and insight.
  • Learn about methods and channels used to communicate within the internal agency, our parentagency network, and external audiences.
  • Conduct daily global trends monitoring through magazines, newsletters, business intelligence studies & analysis.
  • Create effective presentation documents.
  • Monitor social media and contribute to social media strategy.
  • Drafting and distribution of internal newsletters and announcements.
  • Updating various presentations and literature, including existing PowerPoint presentations, documents and files.
  • Develop business plan for each project.



The candidate will be constantly trained on the latest trends, innovation, and market experimentation.