Diversity is a strength

“Diversity is a strength that ought to be cultivated, since it creates richer, happier, more productive collaborations. We want to challenge the preconceived notion that it’s impossible for very different individuals to act truly as one. Altavia’s history brilliantly disproves that. At Altavia, we encourage our 2,000 staff members to express their talents and ideas together.” »
Raphaël Palti, President and Founder of Altavia

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Alessandro Capelli

Head of CSR @AltaviaItalia, Milan, Italy

“At Altavia Italia our door is always open to ideas, local communities, innovation and the future in general. Our offices reflect our spirit: open to the world around us.”

Goran Babic

Creative Technologist
@Stylum Milan, Italie

“The blend of the best of both worlds: an international group which has managed to keep its family spirit. A family in which members can grow and flourish. A family where beliefs and excellence do not prevent you from acknowledging your weaknesses in order to improve and make progress.”

Hanna Maldoff

Receptionist turned « Cloud Master » or Human Capital Pilot
@CloudRaker, Montreal, Canada

“The spirit of openness and international opportunities! Every day across the Altavia network, which spans four continents, we all have the opportunity to share with 2,000 talented employees who are experts in communication for retail. That’s a formidable competitive advantage for our clients and for recruitment.”

Joeri de Bruin
Client Manager
@AltaviaSumis, Amsterdam, Netherlands

“Our unique combination of skill sets: from strategy through to execution and in-store implementation. We give our retailer clients a comprehensive offering.”

Karolina Kornacka
Head of Content and Social Media
@Kamikaze, Lodz, Poland

“Above all: people! And our ability to connect online and offline marketing.”

Hervé Lyaudet
Head of Colour Process and Management
@AltaviaParis, Paris, France

“Our obsession with quality and colour! That’s my passion and we’re the only ones who can help clients achieve excellence in colour management, in any country.”

Laura Coriou
Artistic Director
@AltaviaNantes, Nantes, France

“The central role human beings play at Altavia, it really is a community. I immediately felt at home when I joined Altavia Nantes one year ago. Listening is very important here: every idea is listened to, respected and considered. And that feeds through into the collaborative approach we take with clients.”