Meituan: a risky gamble on the future

Super applications such as WeChat –TenCent–, Alipay –Alibaba– and Meituan are very popular in China   Although Alibaba and Tencent are now well known to the European general public, the same cannot be said for another Chinese giant, founded in 2010: Meituan. The start-up, which is now a member of the highly exclusive “super apps” […]

convenience store


The convenience store format is dead… welcome to the “INSTANT convenience store” 即时便利. After the siamese cat from TMall, the blue hippopotamus from Hema, the white dog from JD. com, the koala from Kaola m-commerce site, here comes the friendly brown ape with his cap 猩便利 (xingbianli).   This four month-old new born ape has […]

YongHui Fresh

YongHui Fresh is taking on Hema (Alibaba) and Bingobox and goes even one step further…

This lunch I discovered close by my office the newly opened YongHui Fresh (from the YongHui supermarkets chain which used to be quite well known among retail professionals as a good benchmark when it comes to fresh products)…   Now we all know Hema Fresh supermarkets bought by Alibaba… Well… YH Fresh went one step […]

QR codes, big data, facial recognition, data sharing, user predictive behavior assessment to fuel the young car-sharing economy in China.

Like anything else in China, local companies are not afraid of getting into a massive fight with the same idea in order to get market share; not afraid at all to share the cake. As a result, exactly the same way we saw dozens of bike-sharing companies budding for the last year, more than 30 […]

Offline stores in China are all but not dead…

As rightly written in China daily recently, not only Alibaba but also its main competitor, are going full steam in opening physical stores in China. Both of them do not just open stores like classic / old fashion offline retailers… they leverage on the online data they have accumulated and turn their physical stores […]

Alibaba wants to change the way we shop for fresh food off and online

Here comes Hema Market (盒马集市) Despite its US $ 150 Million investment Alibaba has been quite low-key running the Hema Markets chain… Hema Market (盒马集市) is a rather premium, fresh offline chain here in Shanghai that refuses to label itself as a “supermarket” but rather as an “e-commerce experience store”. Hema Market is like an […]

[CHINA] The dazzling success of mobile payment

  In China, technological advances in mobile payment have developed hugely in only five years. Electronic wallets are quick, secure and free to use, and today 450 million people in China are taking advantage. Wallets are an excellent way for brands and labels to find out everything (or nearly everything!) about their clients’ habits and […]