The art of storytelling

  Everyone’s talking about technological innovation. How it is transforming the world of retail, removing the barrier of time, and giving people access to a huge choice of products, very quickly and easily. This technological innovation, which makes it possible to customize baskets, bags, clothes, etc. But today, it has almost become the norm. So […]

Agency merger: how to unite different company cultures

Anne-Catherine Trinon, CEO of Altavia ACT*, shares how she steered the successful merger of her Belgian marketing services agency.     In the life of a company, whether in marketing communications, advertising or any other sector, a fusion constitutes a special moment. And it’s only after settling all the administrative red tape, that the work […]

Reconciling the Internet and the Point of Sale

  Today, customers no longer buy just products, but also, and especially, experiences. Digital plays an important role in this new context, helping to enrich the purchase location and putting it at the heart of the customer experience. The Internet allows us to buy anything with just one click, or just about. The customer who […]

Innovations of the month: Soyooz and SimpliField

Every month, Altavia Coach offers you a selection of innovative solutions in the retail sector. Let’s take a closer look at two of them: Soyooz and SimpliField. Soyooz: Helping the client choose THE right product for them It all began… …in 2012. It should be noted that trying to buy a high-tech product on the internet […]

Apsys on Commercial Spaces

  Apsys is a real-estate development company founded almost 22 years ago by Maurice Bansay that operates in France and Poland, whose mission is making cities and urban life more beautiful by designing and bringing to life iconic living and shopping spaces. Its motto:  Create and innovate with the end client in mind. Eléonore Villanueva, […]

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