Innovations of the month: UntieNots, mangoo ID and Teeps

  In September, Altavia Coach presents three innovative solutions for the retail sector: UntieNots, mangoo ID and Teeps. Three promising start-ups which have already proved their worth in the eyes of a number of prestigious clients. UntieNots : 100% personalised digital offers to replace mass promotions By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, this start-up founded […]

The six main markers driving physical stores in 2018

“A great deal of thought goes into the way in which Aesop stores are respectfully integrated into their respective neighbourhoods”   The brick-and-mortar retail concept has been redesigned. There were those who thought that e-commerce would wipe out everything in its way, confining physical stores to the history books. But that definitely won’t be the […]

Blockchain in retail

Blockchain has been all the rage in the past few years. From cryptocurrencies to data privacy, they have been revolutionising transactions of data and money. But one question remains: will this revolution affect retail? If so, how? Samet Ensar Sari, Managing Partner at Altavia Dekatlon, draws upon on his experience and knowledge of marketing, branding and blockchain […]

Colour management: the Japanese case

  Methods of visualising; measuring and reproducing colour; printing press settings; and file sharing… The issue of standardisation is affecting the entire graphic design process and has the aim of improving the reproduction of colours as well as how they appear. During his interview concerning the requirement to standardise the design implementation process, Hervé Lyaudet, colorimetry […]

The Buzz Around Pop-up Stores

  Opening up a point-of-sale for a limited period is the principle behind this marketing strategy that was born in the United Stated in the 2000s. At the start, only small brands were doing it. Little by little, all retailers, right up to major brands, began opening pop-up stores (named after the three-dimensional pop-up books […]

The art of storytelling

  Everyone’s talking about technological innovation. How it is transforming the world of retail, removing the barrier of time, and giving people access to a huge choice of products, very quickly and easily. This technological innovation, which makes it possible to customize baskets, bags, clothes, etc. But today, it has almost become the norm. So […]

Reconciling the Internet and the Point of Sale

  Today, customers no longer buy just products, but also, and especially, experiences. Digital plays an important role in this new context, helping to enrich the purchase location and putting it at the heart of the customer experience. The Internet allows us to buy anything with just one click, or just about. The customer who […]

Innovations of the month: Soyooz and SimpliField

Every month, Altavia Coach offers you a selection of innovative solutions in the retail sector. Let’s take a closer look at two of them: Soyooz and SimpliField. Soyooz: Helping the client choose THE right product for them It all began… …in 2012. It should be noted that trying to buy a high-tech product on the internet […]

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