Apsys on Commercial Spaces

  Apsys is a real-estate development company founded almost 22 years ago by Maurice Bansay that operates in France and Poland, whose mission is making cities and urban life more beautiful by designing and bringing to life iconic living and shopping spaces. Its motto:  Create and innovate with the end client in mind. Eléonore Villanueva, […]

Research and development in graphic industries : Fogra

  A non-profit research association based in Germany, Fogra Research Institute For Media Technologies plays a pivotal role in research and development for graphic industries. We put the spotlight on this major ally of the graphic industry Fogra is located to the east of Munich. The association has its own research institute, with sixty employees, […]

“Paper’s return to favour”, by Raphaël Palti

With the emergence and sheer volume of digital media – whether in terms of the press, culture, marketing or sales industries – you’d be forgiven for thinking that paper is destined for the scrapheap, to be replaced by online media, e-books, and other email-based advertising.  But what is really happening out there? An overview of popular misconceptions on paper-based […]

Innovations of the month: V-Cult and SmartPixels

Each month, Altavia Coach brings you a selection of innovative solutions in the retail sector. Here we take a closer look at two of them: V-Cult and SmartPixels. V-Cult takes brand storytelling to the next level. Founded in 2009 by Tom Gauthier, the Lille-based start-up has become a 3D and virtual reality expert. The idea? Use video […]

Protection of personal data: the new regulations

On 25 May 2018 (sooner than you think!), the GDPR will be applicable in the European Union’s 28 member countries. The responsibility of organisations and subcontractors will be increased through new rules and obligations. Are you ready? Here is the latest with Alexandre Guénon,Direct Marketing Purchasing Manager at Altavia.  Some deadlines seem so far away and […]

Innovation is credibility, innovation is magnetic.

  Innovation is at the heart of business today. From Uniqlo to Jimmy Fairly, companies are innovating in terms of their products, business models and services in order to attract and satisfy increasingly demanding customers navigating a commercial ecosystem that is constantly flooded with new offerings. As a result, brands are forced to innovate in […]

The requirement to standardise the design implementation process

Standardisation, systematisation, unification, normalisation… These terms all refer to the need, when talking about the same subject, to establish a common framework. This is essential when it comes to colour. Interview with Hervé Lyaudet, colorimetry and workflow manager at Altavia Paris. Why is standardisation of colour so important? The perception of colour is a physical […]