Care Commerce culture: making a difference, creating preferences

It is no longer possible to create a strong, sustainable relationship between a customer and a brand without a strong social commitment from the brand. Values such as generosity, empathy and benevolence now play a key role in the expectations of consumers, particularly the younger generation. Let’s consider what makes a successful initiative with Thierry […]

Decathlon puts an end to all the phygital fantasies

  Are they an enduring innovation or a temporarily trendy idea? Do they benefit customers or are they just another technological gadget? Each month, Bruno Auret, an expert on digital commerce and the founder and CEO of Blackwood Digital, takes a critical look at digital innovation in retail.   There has been much talk about the […]

[CHINA] The dazzling success of mobile payment

  In China, technological advances in mobile payment have developed hugely in only five years. Electronic wallets are quick, secure and free to use, and today 450 million people in China are taking advantage. Wallets are an excellent way for brands and labels to find out everything (or nearly everything!) about their clients’ habits and […]

S-Commerce: The return of the local shop.

  Ask around you, the major difference between stores and shops is the relationship between consumers and sellers. The brands have invested social networks to provide advice and recommendations, while working at the point of sale to streamline the purchasing process and personalize the experience through customer knowledge.   However, despite their efforts and, except […]