The last Fare X Bene shock campaign by Altavia Italia



A few weeks ago,  Fare X Bene Onlus launched a new shock awareness campaign on violence against women and gender discrimination. This year again, Altavia was chosen to work on the project.

Interview with Biba Acquati, Communication Manager at Altavia Italia and coordinator of the Fare X Bene campaign.


Can you briefly present Fare X Bene Onlus and tell us more about their activities?


Fare X Bene Onlus is a nonprofit organization which was created in 2013 with the purpose of providing both psychological and legal help to victims of violence and abuse, especially women.

They also aim to raise awareness of gender violence and school bullying among teenagers by , for instance, giving speeches in Milan schools.


By what practical means do they help victims of violence ?


Among other things, they financed the Soccorso Rosa, in the San Carlo Hospital in Milan, which is a place specially dedicated to women facing violence in their families.  They also finance medical care for Valentina Pitzalis, a young Italian woman who was burnt by her husband in 2011 in Sardinia.


How did Altavia get to work on Fare X Bene’s awareness campaigns?


We were in contact with the President of the organization, Riccardo Perdomi, who is also the Vice-President of Salmoiraghi & Viganò, an important Italian eyewear sales company.

Altavia Italia has been Fare X Bene’s communication partner since the creation of the organization three years ago. They chose us after seeing our previous social awareness campaigns, including our collaborations with Terres des Hommes and Fai.

Besides the advert campaign itself, we are also in charge of both press relations and events organization.


Let’s now focus on this year’s campaign. What was the brief ? How did you come up with the “Wrong ideas grow with them” concept?


Fare X Bene wanted to reach the greatest number of people, more particularly teenagers.

The campaign emerged from our observation of the real world! We decided to use rough speech because it is in fact that language which is usually used by adults and, as an unfortunate consequence, which is also taught to teenagers.


How was the campaign received by the public ?


It was very well received, in spite of the crude speech used in the video.  The campaign had also a great financial impact as it enabled to raise about 50,000 euros which will be used to continue financing Soccorso Rosa and organizing social awareness programs in schools.