Altavia Coach Strategic Ventures puts capital in Ubiq® and reinforces Atavia group’s Social Media offer.


As part of the reinforcement of the group’s Social Media offer, Altavia acquires a stake in UBIQ®. The startup specializes in the management and the optimization of chain retailers’ Social Media strategy.

UbiqThe governance of social media strategy and the generation of traffic through local social media communication initiatives has become a major stake for all retailers. In order to help the group’s clients deal with these key issues by offering them the most relevant social media solutions, Altavia takes a minority stake in Ubiq® through the Altavia Coach Strategic Ventures fund.


Ubiq® is a Social-to-Store platform which enables brands and chain retailers to manage and feed each point of sale’s social media account according to the brand’s marketing strategy and generate in-store traffic.More than 2500 points of sale are already equipped with the platform, which manages more than 2 million fans and a monthly reach exceeding 30 million people.


“Ubiq® and Altavia group share the common DNA of serving chain retailers and their specificities,which require to manage the challenges of homogenizing the communication within the same network, while letting autonomy and creativity be expressed locally, “says Astrid Baldelli Noizat, CDO and head of Altavia Coach.


Altavia wants to let the founders of Ubiq® the autonomy they need to ensure the good development of the start-up.

“Ubiq® today realizes a part of the startup’s turnover thanks to the agencies,” says Eliott Tischker, Director of Participations. We encourage the founders to continue and develop their collaborations with all the agencies. “