Review of the ‘Nuit du Commerce Connecté’




On November 18th, the ‘Nuit du Commerce Connecté’ sixth edition was held at the Théâtre de la Madeleine in Paris. A major event for retail players, highlighting the most disruptive and innovative initiatives in the sector. I had the pleasure of co-hosting this event with Michel-Edouard Leclerc, Marc Dumas and Philippe Lehartel. 

By Raphaël Palti, CEO & Founder of Altavia

This year, 70 start-ups were in the running for awards for the best innovations or collaborative projects.


The following trends caught my attention:




The Collaborative Consumer era

A period with up and coming technologies, where the customer has regained buying power. Many start-ups set out to strengthen the link between brands and consumers, with the aim to turn these consumers into brand ambassadors and full-fledged players in their commercial strategy.


For example, Teester offers a solution that automates consumer video creation and distribution on websites and social networks, transforming the customer into a viable sales force. Along with the start-up DEMOOZ and their partner Fnac Darty, who were rewarded for their new service enabling people to try products that they wish to buy from their neighbor. 



Ethical and societal innovation

Among the award winners, C.DISCOUNT and AGRIKOLIS, whose collaboration has made it possible to implement a virtuous circle of reconstitution, by creating a local collection and farming delivery service!


Data as a lever for personalization and optimization of the consumer experience

Notably, FRANPRIX and PAYLEAD who were awarded for their ability, through data collection, to understand and influence the consumer purchasing path in the local food sector. 


In conclusion, the evening was tremendously stimulating, the participants came with incredible energy for the projects they presented and others they supported. The night, once again proved historical trade actors’ exceptional capacity to transform and adapt to modern trends. Retail and commercial brands that, while present in the sector for almost 60 years, do not hesitate to question their habits and reinvent themselves with the help of innovative, agile and young retail actors.