UCO: La Maison de Commerce – Everyday objects & exceptional expertise


You’ll find all sorts of not only beautiful but useful objects handmade by the best French and European craftsmen at La Maison de Commerce – unique pieces produced on a small scale and sold at a fair price. We took a look around the gallery-like shop located at the heart of Paris.


Stepping over the threshold at 2 Rue de Luynes, in Paris’s 7th arrondissement, is like a journey to the very heart of extraordinary French and European regional craftsmanship. Feast your eyes on a chestnut Le Corbusier armchair made in Limousin, admire the finesse of an oak lace vase turned and sanded in Isère, or marvel at a ceramic dish turned and hand-painted in the Cyclades or wool cloth cushions embroidered in Pont l’Abbé – a whole host of day-to-day objects that have been brought to life thanks to the exceptional expertise of the craftspeople concerned.


Entering La Maison de Commerce means discovering a unique gallery-like shop that forms close links with remarkable craftspeople, on the one hand, and passionate and committed customers, on the other, month after month.



That little extra touch of soul

La Maison de Commerce currently works directly with around fifty or so craftspeople. “We maintain direct relationships with each of them”, explains Liora Hadjer Chain, who runs La Maison de Commerce alongside Christophe Arcelin. “This very precious bond allows us to really express the expertise, that is the man, the story and the feeling, behind each item, that little extra touch of soul that our customers appreciate so much. This relationship is seen as a true partnership involving the production of quality pieces, some of which may be customised to meet our requests, by talented craftspeople, on the one hand, and the opportunity to take advantage of a Parisian showcase to sustain often classified and/or ancestral expertise, or even to fuel interest in pursuing such a trade, on the other”. 



Beautiful pieces at the right price

The close ties that it has fostered with the craftsmen with which it works also allow La Maison de Commerce to sell each item at a fair price. “The idea was to make beautiful things affordable“, explains Hadjer Chain, “to show that quality doesn’t have to mean high prices and that luxury is not just for the elite”.


The notion of sustainability is also at the heart of the approach, with La Maison de Commerce offering a whole host of enchantingly timeless pieces that will stay with you for life.



“Sharing knowledge and expertise. La Maison de Commerce brings you the most enjoyable ‘lesson in things’ of the year”. https://lamaisondecommerce.com