Given the environmental and social challenges faced by our world today, Altavia wants to take on its corporate responsibility. Helping our Retailer clients build fruitful relationships with their customers – relationships based on a quest for meaning and shared values – also involves promoting more responsible communication to reduce the impact of our common activities.

We take this responsibility into account in our daily practices and in our offers around two key areas: “Caring for the people” and “Caring for the planet”. A social and environmental responsibility.


As a member of the United Nations Global Compact since 2008, Altavia renews each year its commitment to support Human Rights, the protection of the environment and the fight against corruption.

In 2018, Altavia strengthened its commitments and actions to reach the “Advanced” level – the highest level of distinction awarded by the Global Compact.

Each year, we communicate our commitments and progress in terms of social and environmental responsibility by publishing our COP (Communication On Progress) on the UN Global Compact website:


Ecopublishing®, Altavia’s responsible trademark: to further enhance its clients’ commitment to environmental preservation and strengthen their brand image, Altavia helps them reduce the impact of their communication materials.

Ecopublishing® enables brands and companies to combine sales efficiency and environmental protection, from design to the end of a product’s life, by applying a five-criteria reference system: eliminating disruptive factors to recycling, paper certification, papermaker responsibility, printer commitment to an environmental approach, and less impactful transport.


Positive sourcing®: Altavia participates in the inclusion of people with broken social relationships, in particular by dealing with social inclusion companies for some of our products.
From the purchasing department to the manufacturing teams, many people are involved in the implementation of this mutually beneficial approach.

Upcycling: We offer a second life to communication materials to contribute to a more circular economy.
Recovery and valorisation are entrusted to social inclusion companies.
We convert more and more customers to this approach every year!

Certifications and evaluations

EcoVadis: The Ecovadis CSR performance evaluation platform allows to monitor and improve the relevance of actions on Environment, Social & Human Rights, Ethics and Responsible Purchasing.
10 Business Units of the Altavia Group have already submitted to the evaluation, with an average score of 64/100 (gold medal).
This is a movement that continues to gain momentum and involves each of the participating BUs in a continuous improvement process.

FSC® (FSC-C012451) and PEFC™ (PEFC/10-31-12-47) certifications: since 2010, Altavia has been the first group specializing in communications to be certified both FSC® and PEFC™ in Europe. Each year, we pursue our efforts to maintain these certifications and obtain new ones. In 2017, two of the Group’s entities obtained a double certification: Altavia Fiber Value and Altavia Japan, thus becoming the first international communications agency in Japan to obtain FSC® certification.