The UCO of the week: Iris & Octave


New brand Iris & Octave, which recently opened a branch on Bordeaux’s Place Tourny, decided to challenge the conventions of the optical and hearing professions by offering its customers a high-quality immersive experience.


A visit to Iris & Octave is not just about choosing the latest frames or trying out your new hearing aid; it’s primarily an opportunity to enjoy a unique and innovative experience. The 300m2 store spanning three levels immerses customers in a fun and educational world dedicated to sight (Iris) and hearing (Octave).



A rich consumer journey

Several spaces have been designed to allow customers to enjoy a high-quality immersive experience, including the following:


  • the lenses (Verres) workshop, where visitors can determine their needs using a series of tablets and a dedicated app;
  • the frames (Montures) workshop at the centre of the sales floor, allowing visitors to the store to observe the expert opticians at work;
  • the audio space, where two hearing aid specialists offer a tailored service;
  • a children’s area offering a variety of sensory, artistic and manual experiences to help them appreciate the importance of wearing their glasses.
  • Iris & Octave has also decided to invest in art, as a source of pleasure and emotion, by dedicating the top floor of the store to a collection of works of art. “Given That art goes hand-in-hand with the senses, because a work of art simply doesn’t exist without the viewer’s perspective, we have dedicated a space to art exhibitions”, an Iris & Octave representative explains. “The exhibition space is open to all, and we have given the artists carte blanche based on the senses of hearing and sight. Putting art at the heart of our brand is a way of defending this incredible talent that our senses have, the ability to bring us a multitude of pleasures and to trigger happiness and even emotions”.
  • Down in the basement, meanwhile, the Fabrique des Sens (‘Senses Factory’) Fablab is equipped with a 3D printer, a CNC machine and a polisher, giving visitors the opportunity to make their own glasses from materials they have brought in themselves with the help of an optician. Some young locals, for example, come in to recycle their skateboards and leave with a pair of pretty unique glasses!


This really is a rich, innovative customer experience that keeps in line with the reinventing physical commerce trend.



Understanding and learning

Iris & Octave puts customer contact and relations at the heart of what it does and what it offers, with its focus on understanding and learning- exploring the lens-cutting process and the physical phenomena related to working with this material, identifying different types of visual problems using augmented reality touchscreen tablets and understanding the cost of producing a pair of glasses. “The 100% health reform will require opticians to buy €30 frames that will be of an inferior quality and will come from China”, explains the brand, mindful of its ecological impact.


Leaving the Iris & Octave concept store feels like leaving behind a world of enriching sensory experiences and… seeing things more clearly, to put it simply.