UCO (Unidentified Commercial Object) of the week DIZY: ‘Putting you in the designer’s seat’


Start-up Dizy – a contraction of the words ‘design’ and ‘DIY’- was born in Roubaix in January 2019. Its aim? To offer sustainable modular furniture and to put customer creativity at the heart of the commercial relationship.


“Become a dizyner”

Lamps, coffee tables, shelving, benches, desks… you name it, you design it! That’s basically where the appeal of Dizy, a start-up recently launched by Vianney Sauvage and Augustin Poncelet, lies.


The brand actually sees itself as a supplier of parts that can then be assembled based on the customer’s own design and reflecting their own tastes and needs. “Creating your own truly unique lamp or a trinket tray is just so … well, izy!”, the brand claims. This new concept reflects the customer’s restored faith in their creative talents and allows the brand to establish quality relationships with its customers by involving them more in the design process, which ultimately results in greater customer satisfaction. After all, Dizy aims to showcase the individual’s creativity to its full potential, the idea being to choose from a selection of 36 modular parts (lampshades, legs, crossbars, trays, etc.) to bring their piece to life. From bowl-lamps to lamp-desks and even benches-come-clothes rails, no two UDOs (unidentified design objects) are the same, giving you complete control over your own decor. “The furniture is assembled and dismantled without the need for any tools, rather like a building block game”, explains Thierry Strickler, Retail Market Intelligence Lead at Altavia, “and as well as the really fun aspect of the online configurator, the experience can bring back some truly precious childhood memories for some people





Nothing gets thrown away – everything gets repurposed

As well as giving customers the opportunity to create their own furniture, Dizy is keen to ensure that the items created are built to last. “It’s much easier to become attached to something that you have taken the time to design and create with your own bare hands”, Mr Strickler explains. “It’s a great way to ensure that the pieces created will have a lasting place in the home, thus avoiding this idea of planned obsolescence”. The modular nature of the parts used, which can be assembled in a different way to alter the function of the object, also helps to lengthen its lifespan. In fact, 95% of the parts that Dizy uses can be reused to make other pieces of furniture (by converting a coffee table into a bookcase, for example).





Recyclable and ‘Made in Local’

Dizy is also a committed company that is very much in tune with the growing ecological awareness on the part of its customers, and with this in mind the start-up takes an environmentally-friendly approach to product design, choosing sustainable and recyclable materials for both its products and its packaging. What’s more, 100% of its parts are manufactured in Europe, with wooden components (sourced from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources) produced in Portugal and any components made of metal (a resistant material that can be recycled infinitely) designed in France. “Dizy offers an alternative in a what is otherwise a highly standardised furniture market that is yet to make much of a visible commitment to the environmental cause”, Thierry explains. “Camif is, in fact, one of the few players to have really made any sort of commitment in this respect.


Dizy is all about assembling pieces and designing furniture; a new way to shop, and to create pieces you’ll truly cherish.