UCO (Unidentified Commercial Object) of the week : koosh



New players are entering the sector in what is proving to be a difficult context for the nappy market, among them start-up koosh. Accompanied by the DISKO agency, with a growing appetite for healthy, eco-friendly, Made in France products, koosh responds perfectly to consumer expectations.

A market plagued by controversy

In January 2019, the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES) published a critical report on the safety of nappies containing levels of toxic substances that exceeded health thresholds and encouraged manufacturers to review their manufacturing processes. The study showed notably pesticides and VOCs are contaminating raw materials at the source, toxic molecules are forming during the manufacturing process and chlorine dioxide bleaching, and fragrances are added intentionally. The ANSES announced, just a few days ago, that it wanted to suggest restricting the number of chemical substances found in nappies to 5 (PAHs, dioxins, furans, PCBs and formaldehyde) in the framework of the REACH European chemicals regulation.



France is the leading European market for nappies with about 3 billion produced every year for babies who will wear around 4,500 each during their early years (source: Les Echos Start). The eco-friendly disposable nappy segment is by far the most dynamic, achieving double-figure annual growth driven by parents’ quest for naturalness and an increasing concern for the environment.



This being the case, long-established players are reassessing their approaches and making commitments. Whilst start-ups are establishing their presence in the nappy market by focusing on natural materials and transparency, reassuring parents and adapting to new consumption patterns.




Koosh: the best for baby and for the planet

Start-ups in the sector (and DNVBs in particular) have launched various initiatives, including new player koosh, which promises the best for baby and the planet at the right price, certainly giving the market a boost.



100% healthy

Koosh is committed to providing impeccable quality with the most natural nappies possible made from the best raw materials that are bleached without chlorine dioxide using the TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) method and bonded at low temperatures to prevent dioxins and furans from forming and without adding any fragrances, lotions or colourings. “No fibres from petrochemicals come into direct contact with baby’s skin”, the brand claims, “and we have chosen 100% natural and renewable fibres for the contact layer and anti-leak barriers”. The brand also offers a range of certified natural and organic cosmetic products containing no harmful ingredients.



Environmental commitment

Koosh has also made an environmental commitment by using eco-responsible fibres and bio-sourced, biodegradable, recycled and recyclable packaging. “We chose Tencel® – a 100% biodegradable fibre that is more ecological than viscose or traditional cotton – for our wipes”. The sachet for its organic cotton squares, in addition, is 100% biodegradable and its organic cosmetics bottles and pumps produced from sugar cane waste.



Made in France

Koosh also promotes the Made in France aspects of all of its products as a sign of quality and sustainable development, since the nappies do not travel thousands of miles!



The best possible prices

Koosh has adopted the Direct to Consumer brand dynamic that cuts out the middleman, its aim being to offer quality products at the most affordable prices possible through an innovative business model that allows parents to reduce the price per nappy as they add more products to their subscription. “It was vital to us as parents that our products be accessible to as many people as possible”.



A new form of proximity and a new form of loyalty

So what’s koosh’s commercial weapon? A subscription-based model designed to make life easier for its customers, saving them both time and money and lightening the mental burden – what’s not to like?



DISKO has been entrusted with providing global support for the brand in terms of consultancy and deployment, global digital strategy, the design and production of the e-commerce site, and the production of creative assets, content and social media activations in the framework of a collaboration that aims to accelerate the emergence of the brand in light of the context of distrust and the already over-stretched target market.


Founded in 2010, DISKO is one of the most award-winning international digital communications agencies in the industry. Drawing on 160 digital experts, 1/3 strategists, 1/3 artists and 1/3 tech experts, DISKO designs and deploys digital communication tools and campaigns for world leaders, mostly of Latin origin, such as LVMH, Saint Gobain, Chopard, Carrefour, McCormick, Warner, Crédit Agricole Immobilier, Van Cleef & Arpels and Club Med.