UCO of the week: WILDFANG


Created by Americans Emma McIlroy and Julia Parsley, the Wildfang brand targets fans of the tomboy style and actively defends the values it stands for, namely freedom, independence, determination… and a good dose of fun.

Communication for good

Wildfang perfectly embodies the ‘communication for good’ that a growing number of customers are expecting and is a committed brand that appreciates that actions speak louder than words.


Political rallies are a regular occurrence at its stores – a great way to reinvent the physical experience and make it much more than a place that sells clothing. People visit Wildfang not only to chat and engage in discussion but also to take action. In 2018, for example, the brand raised $100,000 in financial aid for the last abortion clinic in the town of Sioux Falls. That same year, First Lady Melania Trump visited refugee children wearing a jacket that read ‘I really don’t care. Do U?’, Wildfang retaliated by launching its ‘I Really Care’ collection, 100% of the proceeds from which were donated to the RAICES organisation, which defends the rights of refugees and migrants.



Embracing an assertive approach to fashion

The Portland brand has sought from the very beginning to meet the needs of all women with an androgynous look, who used to shop in the men’s department but never really found anything that truly worked for them. It is the first brand to offer clothing aimed specifically at a so-called ‘non-binary’ community, with a strong feminist and queer emphasis.


The brand embraces this strong stance, despite the fact that it’s not very warmly welcomed by a large number of Americans (there are plenty of Trump voters who don’t share the same values!). Whilst the brand is indeed rather assertive, the fact remains that all those who discover the brand and support its values are completely on board for the long haul, and the brand can certainly count on this active and influential community to boost its reputation.



Analysis by Laure Barillon, Director of Strategy and Consultation at Altavia Nativ