This New Starbucks Location in Las Vegas Features Communal Seating

(Auteur : Michael Hemsworth)
Although the new Starbucks location on the Las Vegas Strip looks more like a mess hall than a cafe, the location is making waves for being an innovative approach to retail design.

Starting with the center theatrical stadium-style seating, the Starbucks is able to fit about 30 to 40 people in a much smaller capacity space than otherwise thought. Perimeter bench-style seating helps to complement this approach with a focus on intermixing patrons with one another. The new Starbucks also features a large movie theater screen that can be seen from all points in the location and plays a Starbucks-focused movie.

Eric Mele, the designer of the store, explains, “This is a unique seating experience tailored to the idea of theater. Customers can enjoy the tiered spaces on either side of the grandstand seating, which organizes the space architecturally while providing great views to the theater of our coffee bar or to that of the bazaar beyond.”

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